Raiders News · Groeling and Huelbig Grab Silver at the Essex County Relays

Freshman high jumpers Abby Groeling(4-6) and Allie Huelbig(4-4) jumped a combined 8-10 to claim the silver medal at the Essex County Relay Championships held at the Ocean Breeze Track and Field Complex.  At the Post Meet Press Conference sponsored by the Turtleback Zoo, Groeling was quoted as saying,”This was my first meet where I had to deal with the infamous six jump rule.  Let me just say,’not a fan’.  I felt great going over 4-8, however I clipped the bar with my foot on the way down.  I think if I had another chance I would have gone right over it.  Everyone from the official, to Mr. Ryan, to the Park Ranger guy standing near the pit and even the Smoothie Guy, said I was way over the bar at 4-8. But since the 6-jump rule was in place, I only had one attempt left.”   The Girl’s 4 x 400 was also able to score in the meet, claiming 5th place with their second fastest time of the year at 4:22.41. Making up the 4 x 400 team was Kate Contini, Ava Tucker, Kaitlyn Gavidia and Anna Contini.   The 9 team points put the Raiders in 10th place as a team.

Every Raider Relay team ran the fastest times of the season. On the Girl’s side, the Shuttle Hurdle team of Jill Garner, Sabrina Kuo, Shannon Granelli, and Kaitlyn Gavidia clocked a 39.92.  The 4 x 200 team of Mia Eltzholtz, Kaitlyn Gavidia, Shannon Granelli and Kate Contini turned in a 1:57.78. The Sprint Med Team of Emily Smyth, Maddie Seckler, Alyssa Mielnicki and Anna Contini turned in a 5:00.41.  The Distance Med Team of Isabel Lopez, Emily McIntyre, Gianna Marinaro, and Tiffany Miruelo turned in a 14:34.51.   On the Boy’s side, the 4 x 200 team of Anthony Gola, Dom Raffaelli, Charlie Contini, and Kyle Schoch clocked a 1:42.61.  The Sprint Med team of Ben Wuebben, Matt Cozzi, Brian Grodzki, and Abhishek Dixit turned in a 4:16.99.  The Distance Med team of Sean Bernardo, Vinny Marinaro, Nick Duca and Anish Kumar turned in a 11:45.57.   The 4 x 400 team of Nick Duca, Anthony Gola, Kevin Zhang and Charlie Contini clocked a 3:50.96.