Raiders News · Girls Track and Field Moves to 4-0 with win over Barringer

The Nutley Raider Girls Track and Field team moved the dual meet record to 4-0 with a very convincing 122-5 win over Barringer.  The Raiders overcame “down-right chilly conditions” according to Team Meteorologists Emily McIntyre and Same Gabrielle. At the Pre-meet press conference sponsored by the US Coast Guard, the Weather Girls as they are now referred to by their growing fan base stated, “we looked back at our early forecast for today and our prediction for high temperatures  reaching the low-to-mid 60s was a bit off. The mostly cloudy skies kept things in the mid 50s and when that sun went behind those clouds, it felt like it was in the 40s.”  The Raiders used their ability to compete in every event, as they have in their previous wins, to defeat the Bears.  The victory did not come without some “hurdles”.  Freshman Abby Groeling was quoted at the post meet press conference sponsored by the Turtle Back Zoo, “Abby was stressed today, not sure why.  But Abby struggled to get her steps down in the high jump and then she had to rage down to the 100 start.” Jumps Coach Rob Porrino was “not at all concerned about Abby’s stress level, but was slightly concerned with the fact that she was referring to herself in the 3rd person.”  The Raiders were led by double winners Anna Contini(100 and 400 meters), Danielle Lohf(shot put and javelin), Tiffany Miruelo(800 and 1600 meters) and Mia Geraghty(200 meters and long jump).

Scoring for the Raiders were:

3200 meters- Izzy Bernardo(14:07.2), Morgan Defluri(14:28.8) and Alyssa Mielnicki(14:32.0)

400 IH- Kaitlyn Gavidia(1:23.2), Shannon Granelli(1:24.2) and Amandine Soho(1:36.7)

100 meters- Anna Contini(13.2), Mia Geraghty(13.4), and Kate Contini(13.7)

1600 meters- Tiffany Miruelo(5:47.8), Sam Gabrielle(6:20.0), and Emily McIntyre(6:29.3)

400 meters- Anna Contini(62.0), Kate Contini(63.0), Ava Tucker(63.8)

100 meter hurdles- Shannon Granelli(18.6), Kaitlyn Gavidia(19.1), Sabrina Kuo(19.6)

800 meters- Tiffany Miruelo(2:42.2), Sam Gabrielle(2:50.4) and Gianna Marinaro(2:56)

200 meters- Mia Geraghty(27.4), Kate Contini(28.3) and Ava Tucker(28.5)

High jump-Abby Groeling(4-6), Allie Huelbig(4-6), Sydney Silva(4-2)

Long jump-Mia Geraghty(15-5), Abby Groeling(15-0 3/4) and Allie Huelbig(14-7)

Pole vault- Sabrina Kuo(7-0)

Shot put- Danielle Lohf(26-0), Skylar Hutchinson(21-1), and Gianna Searls(19-10)

Discus- Emily McIntyre(79-2), Trisha Advaney(57-6) and Elizabeth Sorenson(55-2)

Javelin-Danielle Lohf(107-5), Rachel Caruso(79-0) and Kelly Waddleton(64-6)

Next up for the Raiders will be the Ranger Relays held at the spacious Walkill Valley Regional High School.  The Raiders will then host the Millers from Millburn at Demuro Park Monday at 3:59PM.  Rumor has it that Coach McNish will be signing autographs up to a half hour before the meet.