Girl's Cross Country · Girls Cross Country Sweeps SEC Week 2

Branch Brook Park, Newark, NJ— As the sun shined down today on beautiful Newark, NJ, the Nutley Girls Cross Country Team shined even brighter!  Coming into their meet, riding high from a phenomenal debut last week, the ladies in Maroon had an impressive afternoon sweeping 3 schools in the victory.  Verona, St. Vincent Academy, and Newark West Side all failed to keep pace with the speedsters of the 07110 (that’s our zipcode kids, keep up).  A collection of senior stalwarts and sophomore sensations helped secure a victory against the competition on this fine afternoon in Branch Brook.


Coach McNish felt confident going into the meet and made sure to let the girls know, especially the seniors, that the clock was ticking, to race every race as if it is your last and to run as a pack!  After some inspirational words from the Commander in Chief of the XC program, the girls, led by captains Tiffany Mireulo and Morgan DeFluri, gave us a superb effort.  Miruelo (21:58, placing 2nd overall) and DeFluri (24:43, placing 6th) helped anchor the team to an impressive sweeping victory.  Those seniors weren’t the only ones flashing their speed, as senior Ava Tucker, one member of the tripod, surged to a 24:33 finish help the squad en route to a 5th place finish.  As the seniors showed up and took care of business, so did two sophomore studs, who aided them in the W.  “Speedy” Sarah Gibney (23:05) and Beth “Merry” Christman (25:02) exploded onto the scene today, as these two underclassmen keep impressing in the early stages of their careers.


The five who placed had plenty of help behind them solidifying their dominance on the course today.  Seniors Mad Maddy Seckler (26:03) and Abs Abby Smith (26:24) came in and finished top 10 in the overall race.  Rounding out the dynamic dozen were Adrianna Quinn (26:30),  Diana “The Quick” Mendoza (26:39), Erica “Rica” Spina (27:49), “The Mighty” Megan Riccardi (30:16), and last but not least The Kilometer Killer, Kendra Hergenhan. All girls had awesome efforts and even won a friendly bet with one of our own, Coach R.  “I bet Coach Ritacco if I were to come under 27 mins that he would have to eat 5 of those Famous Chris’ Redhot Hotdogs he’s always raving about,” Diana Mendoza explained after her awesome finish.  “Yea, I’m ecstatic for the efforts these girls gave on such an awesome day,”  as Ritacco mumbled in agony, “ but a bets a bet and it looks like I’m going to have to inhale some hotdogs in the short future.” Never forget Raider XC fans, tune in right here for updates and coverage on the boys and girls squads as they continue their great season!  Also stay tuned for the hot dog situation with Coach Ritacco, who will most likely need a towel, a seltzer and a Pepcid AC immediately after devouring those tasty Redhots!  See ya next Tuesday! Coach Ritacco out.